JACQUI OAKLEY is a Canadian illustrator whose work has included editorial, advertising and book projects for clients such as The New York Times, Rolling Stone, L.A. Weekly, National Geographic, The Financial Times (UK), Amazon, AOL & Penguin Books. Jacqui also teaches in the illustration program at OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design) in Toronto. She currently lives in Hamilton, Canada, but spent her formative years watching BBC reruns and animé in Bahrain, England, Zambia, and Libya. Her paintings have been exhibited in Toronto, L.A., San Francisco, Philadelphia, San Diego and Shanghai and she's won awards from Applied Arts Magazine, Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and American Illustration.

See more of her work on, http://jacquioakley.com/. Thanks for dropping by!

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      Happy old fella. Nice to get back to inking portraits again. Working on only a few hours sleep is iiinnnnnnteresssttiiinnng.

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      Rise and Fall of the dinosaurs! Thanks Dave @mixedmedia154 #hamont for this beautifully illustrated @mrlidberg @nobrowpress book for our wee guy. Good that he learns about meteoric extinctions at an early age.

      #illustration #micahlidberg #nobrowpress #nobrow #dinosaurs #art

      Pugs make the best traveling companions; the chubbier the better! My Illustration for United Airlines Hemispheres magazine.

      -Jacqui Oakley

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      Oh Yeah! Who’s excited by Krautrock?! Got two of my favourite albums in vinyl, Can’s amazing ‘Tago Mago’ and Talk Talk’s ethereal ‘Laughing Stock’ from @jamielawson. He sure knows the way to a girl’s heart. Starting to try and influence Felix’s tastes at a young age knowing he’ll probably rebel with some god awful music at some point.


      This was a fun piece to work on for art director Aiko Masazumi at Westchester Magazine, mostly because I got to draw a dragon. The article was about memories of teenage crushes at Rye’s Playland, NY. 

      Thanks Aiko!

      -Jacqui Oakley

      Too scary for a kids room or just scary enough? Maybe I need to make some ‘friendlier’ masks.

      -Jacqui Oakley

      #mask #art #cardboard #papercraft #jacquioakley #cat #leopard #sculpture


      The Friday the 13th soundtrack by Waxwork Records is now on sale! The awesome cover art is by Jay Shaw & the inside art print (the image of poor Marcie with an axe in her head) is by me. So fun to paint something so gory for a change! Hopefully I’ll be doing more horror film work around the bend.

      They have limited numbers so grab yours soon! Can’t wait to get mine. 


      -Jacqui Oakley