JACQUI OAKLEY is a Canadian illustrator whose work has included editorial, advertising and book projects for clients such as The New York Times, Rolling Stone, L.A. Weekly, National Geographic, The Financial Times (UK), Amazon, AOL & Penguin Books. Jacqui also teaches in the illustration program at OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design) in Toronto. She currently lives in Hamilton, Canada, but spent her formative years watching BBC reruns and animé in Bahrain, England, Zambia, and Libya. Her paintings have been exhibited in Toronto, L.A., San Francisco, Philadelphia, San Diego and Shanghai and she's won awards from Applied Arts Magazine, Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and American Illustration.

See more of her work on, http://jacquioakley.com/. Thanks for dropping by!

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      A close up of my painting of poor Marcie for @waxworkrecords. #fridaythe13th #f13 #waxworkrecords #waxwork #vinyl #jasonvoorhees #slasher #horror

      So thrilled to show my #Fridaythe13th art print poster for @waxworkrecords which will be included with each #F13 LP purchase. Really excited to be a part of this! Hopefully I’ll get to do more gory illustrations down the road! Thanks Kevin! #horror #slasher #jasonvoorhees #vinyl

      Drawing fat little dogs for a job. A pretty fun way to spend a Wednesday night. #dog #pug #illustration #wip


      Pretty great to get hired to do a portrait of one of my favourite musicians Neil Young. This article focused on his role as an environmentalist trying to spread the word about his LincBolt car, a 1959 Lincoln Continental that was converted into a more fuel-efficient, hybrid demonstrator vehicle.

      -Jacqui Oakley


      Here’s some more of the covers from my L.M. Montgomery 15 book series that are out now from Sourcebooks! Unlike the “Anne of Green Gables” series these weren’t connected and so the publisher wanted a unique look & lettering for each. Hope you like the result. If you’re interested there are lots more process shots on <a href=”http://jacquioakley.com/l-m-montgomery-covers”>my site</a>.


      Jacqui Oakley

      Who made this thing so tall? #panam2015 #to2015 #torontoart

      My @ChevroletCanada @TO2015 mural is getting there! So fun seeing tons of people putting this together. What a great day and it’ll still be going on tomorrow at Nathan Phillips Square. #TO2015 #panam2015 #toronto #illustration

      My Chevrolet #panam2015 mural is coming along thanks to some awesome kids! #illustration #toronto #art